Sensory Water Filled Massage Insoles

Forget Gel Filled Soles
Heel,Ankle,Knee,Hip and Back Relief

Healthwize are proud to bring to you the most revolutionary technological break through for insoles available in the world today , they have undergone extensive clinical testing at the universities of Copenhagen and Aarlborg and have been shown to vastly improve your circulation.

Many ailments are the result of bad circulation, to name a few , Arthritis , Dementia, Diabetes, Plantar Faciitis (Heel Spur), Back Ache and many more.

All Diabetes sufferers have bad circulation in the legs, so they should wear our insoles.

These are the ONLY insoles in the world to use the exclusive patented Water Wave Therapy which massages your feet while you walk and will give instant relief to tired and aching feet, they are the ONLY insoles in the world which will improve your circulation.

Not to be confused with Gel Filled products which are just soft under your feet but do not improve circulation.

Problems are worsened by arch supports,they may feel comfortable but they restrict key muscle groups that allow your feet to take the shock of walking. They also move your body weight to the least resilient part of your foot. That’s why our insoles give your feet a flat surface without restrictions, ideal for Flatfeet.

Everyone should wear them to improve circulation and help prevent problems before they start. Circulation deteriorates with every one as they get older ,remember prevention is better than cure.

Ideal for all active sports people, Footballers, Golfers, Runners, Walkers etc. Wear them and improve your performance.

Our products are Clinically approved and have the European CE certification and are guaranteed for 6 months and with reasonable care can last for 12 – 18 months.