Plasma Pain Relief Patch Breakthrough

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Plasma Revolution Pain Patch

New break through plasma pain relief technology.

Next Generation Of Wellness
Plasma Pain PatchDRUG FREE

Plasma Pain Patches may bring the body back to balance in many situations.
They may be applied to:

    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Chronic or acute back pain
    • Arm or hand pain
    • Period pains
    • Tendon, ligament or muscle pains
    • Hip, knee ankle or foot pain
    • Pains due to over-use or repetitive movements

Do NOT apply this Patch to the head
Different plasma fields are required for the head
+++ The plasma pain relief patch is drug free +++
Its aim is to get to the route of the pain
targeting the cause of the pain.

Simply place your cotton covered Plasma Pain Patch on the area of pain and allow the fields to go to work.
The cotton cover of the patch is best worn against the skin. It may be tucked into an undergarment and held in place with strips of micro-pore or surgical tape.
Another excellent way of holding the patch in place is with cohesive support bandage, which sticks to itself without the need for fasteners.
Tubigrip elasticated bandage is another option.
Alternatively you may wish to thread a belt or strap through the ‘belt hoops’ on the back of the patch.

How long should the patch be worn?
This varies from person to person. Generally it may be worn for several hours at a time.
Once you have become accustomed to it, you may wear the patch over night.
Some sensitive individuals find the fields overpowering and in these cases shorter intervals are recommended.

Plasma Pain Patch
Do not puncture your plasma pain patch as this will cause leakage and the patch will rapidly dehydrate.
If Plasma Pain Patch leakage does occur, simply wash off with water.
For External Use Only. Do Not Ingest.
Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children and Animals.
Your Plasma Pain Patch contains naturally occurring elements, which may be harmful if swallowed or brought into contact with the eyes. If the contents are ingested or come into contact with the eyes,please seek medical advice.
Your plasma pain patch is not sterile and should therefore not come into direct contact with open wounds.
Handled with care, plasma patches last and last.
When not in use patches should always be kept in their vapour-resistant pouches to reduce natural evaporation of the fluid inside. Once a patch has dehydrated however, it is time for a replacement.

Plasma Pain Patch Elements
The elements, which are elevated to ‘gas in nano state’ within the patch, include:
Zinc Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Copper Oxide.

To Plasma-Charge Your Drinking Water

Simply place your jug or glass of water on the patch, using it as a coaster. Alternatively, wrap your patch around your glass, jug or bottle of water, holding it in place with a rubber band or tape.
Water exposed to the plasma field in this way also has a tremendous effect on plant life.

Cucumbers grown in plasmaised water.

Plants grow stronger and faster, are more resistant to extremes in temperature, require less water and last longer before decaying once cut.
Thank you
We thank you for embarking on this plasma revolution and being one of the pioneers in a field of science that is set to transform the world in which we live, over the coming months and years.
We look forward to your feedback and to bringing you new developments in the fields of health, energy, agriculture and transport.

Plasma Pain Patch
Next Generation Pain Relief
The Plasma Patch is spin-off from the latest space research, it emits a newly discovered, totally natural, ‘plasma field’ that is wonderfully pain-relieving. The plasma field can be thought of as being similar to a magnet’s field. And just like a magnet, the plasma patch’s field will never run out.
The plasma field doesn’t attract metals, but is DOES provide a revolutionary, safe, cost effective, drug free, alleviation of pain.